division of the system into many zones and rooms.

The flexibility of museum’s exhibitions necessitates a system that can adjust to different requirements and changing functions of halls. Our technical sub-structures allow us to offer a variety of system operations. By using the appropriate elements, both projectors and effect lighting can be installed, which makes it easy to adapt the system to the needs of a given room or exhibition. To ensure the highest quality and comfort for presentations, lectures, or conferences, we offer audiovisual systems integration. Professional projectors are used to ensure high-quality image transmission and reliability of operation. The sound quality is maximized by selecting the appropriate sound system. Clear transmission of each message is guaranteed by the installation of high-quality microphones.


systems adapted to changing exhibitions.

The process of shaping a soundscape involves creating an atmosphere and mood through sound in a subtle way. Placing the speakers correctly allows us to adjust the sound's directivity and match the timbre and volume level. It's possible to design a sound environment that perfectly matches the character of a particular place. By modifying the sound scenery in the exhibition space, it's possible to adapt the environment to the presentation's concept and style.

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