Cad System company started its activity in Poland as an original project of its owner, Ireneusz Brzóska, in 2002. The company dealt with the distribution of engineering software and integration of audiovisual systems, working closely with the American company Bose Professional. Our experience in designing professional sound systems dates back to more than twenty years
The company's registration number is REGON 017475320 and its tax identification number is NIP 5242413435

Ireneusz Brzóska, the founder and co-owner of the company, has extensive experience in the audiovisual systems industry.  Since 1992, he has been a part of the Bose representative office in Poland and has worked on numerous projects, which have resulted in professional audio systems.

How We Work
Our careful execution of each stage of the implementation of the designed system ensures control over its implementation, from concept development and cost estimate to computer simulation, design documentation, assembly, commissioning, and tuning. Our qualified technical team and cooperation with specialists allow us to complete the entire project in-house.  At every stage of the investment, we provide complete support. We invite investors, architecture and design studios, distributors, and integrators of audiovisual systems to collaborate.

Technical equipment 

The company's technical equipment consists of modern measuring instruments, legal software, and devices for testing audio systems that are designed. The acoustic parameters of rooms can be measured using our Bruel & Kjear measuring instruments, as well as specialized software and measuring microphones. Our design stations allow for auralization technology to verify the designed system in a computer program, in line with the principle of 'Listen before you buy'.

The built electroacoustic systems are tuned and run using the SMART software. Creating full design documentation, visualizing, and exchanging data with cooperating design studios can be achieved through the use of VectorWorks Spotlight, a CAD software. Our technical team is qualified and fully equipped to handle any installation challenge in the country or abroad.

Our partners

We are in close coordination with:

Bose Professional -   a leading American company that produces professional sound systems. Known for their audio products that are both innovative and technologically advanced. http://www.boseprofessional.com

Clockaudio  - an English company specializing in the production of high-quality installation microphones, dedicated to conference rooms, lecture rooms, schools, and sacred objects. http://www.clockaudio.com

Samsung Electronics - a leading manufacturer of professional installation monitors for multimedia systems in conference rooms, multimedia presentations, and Digital Signage systems.

Helukabel - a European manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers and signal cables for multimedia technology. http://helukabel.pl
……. And many other manufacturers of teletechnical and audiovisual components and systems.

We invite investors, architecture and design studios, producers, distributors, and integrators of audiovisual systems to collaborate.

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