By utilizing Bose Modeler software, computer simulations and numerical calculations can be used to select the appropriate number, type, and location of the sound system in the analyzed interior. Design, simulation, assembly, installation, and tuning of electroacoustic systems are all part of our sound system implementation.

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Audio visual systems integration

Our work involves selecting, installing, and integrating audiovisual systems that are appropriate. Thanks to our partnership with Samsung Electronics, we are able to provide the finest quality installation monitors for both conference rooms and Digital Signage digital presentation systems. We provide installation services for monitors, projectors, projection screens, and sound systems.

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To assess the acoustics in a given room, we perform measurements of acoustic parameters of interiors, such as reverberation time (T20, T30, RT, RT10), sound clarity (C80, D50), among others, the STI speech intelligibility index. Our measurements are conducted according to applicable standards and certified and calibrated measuring devices from Bruel & Kjaer.

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We offer support at each stage of the investment and take an individual approach to each of the analyzed rooms and projects. Discussing the requirements and expected results with the client is crucial for us. Our services include advice on interior acoustics and a discussion of possible solutions.

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We are the authorized distributor of Clockaudio, a company based in England. Clockaudio provides a range of high-end microphone systems, including microphones that can be installed in conference rooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and sacred objects. In the company's offer, we can find both condenser microphones and handheld dynamic microphones. The systems were developed to be used in numerous projects, including microphones that can be mounted on conference table tops and wireless microphones.

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