Solutions that are effective despite the long reverberation time.

The intelligibility of speech is crucial when it comes to sacral objects. Materials mainly found in the interiors of temples such as glass, marble, concrete and other hard, strongly reflecting sound waves surfaces cause that the reverberation time is long and a high speech intelligibility difficult to obtain without the use of individual solutions and special sound systems. Thanks to the use of the Modeler program and the implementation of the acoustic model of the temple, we are able to calculate the parameters related to the uniformity of coverage with direct and reflected sound and estimate the speech intelligibility index in the selected places of the analyzed interior. Thanks to the use of Bruel&Kjaer meters and the DIRAC 7841 measuring system, we are able to measure the reverberation time in the temple and tune the previously made model to the obtained values. Simulation enables us to select the correct components for the sound system design and guarantee uniformity in the church's sound system.


Church Sound System Design.

Microphones are a vital component and complement to the sound system in sacred objects’ interior. We offer a variety of high-end installation microphones from the English company CLOCKAUDIO – from “goose neck” microphones for use in the chancel zone – on the altar or pulpit, to condenser and dynamic microphones used by the choir, Schola and organist. We design wireless microphone systems equipped with appropriate antenna systems and signal amplifiers to ensure undisturbed transmission from inside the church and outside zones. We select special mounts, holders and tripods for connecting condenser and dynamic microphones of all types.

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